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Hello everyone! Today I want to show a photo edited with “picnik” (the photo editor of Flickr). I think this tool is really good, and you can make really good changes to your photos, though I rarely edit a photo after taking it, it’s a good option if you want an alternative of Photoshop, just to make the picture look more accurate, or simple better than it is.

Here is an example, I know it doesn’t have much quality, but it’s ok for the example:

And the original is:

As you may see I’ve applied many effects, just to show the kind of things you can do with the standard version. There is also a premium version for $24.95 per year, with it you can use much more effects and properties, but it’s not free 😛

One response

  1. Sof


    muy buenos los cambios, me gusta el efecto q lograste en la foto..

    ehm bueno .. saludos! 😛 suerte!!

    February 15, 2008 at 6:26 pm

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