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Almost a Bigger Monster

Here I am again, after a little absence… the main reason is because I’m looking for a new cam and I’ve spent a lot of time searching for the one which suits my needs, but I didn’t choose one yet. The kind of cams that I’m looking for are: Canon S3 IS / S5 IS; Panasonic Lumix FZ18 / FZ50 and Olympus SP-550 / SP-650. It would be great if someone can recommend me one of those or other one similar to them. I want one with good image quality, low noise levels, low purple fringing levels and a good performance in general.

Talking about the photo now, this is another monster for you!!

Thank you all for visiting / commenting!!

Take care!
see you!


Old photo…

This is an old picture, and it’s the first photo I uploaded to Flickr on August 7th 2007.
It doesn’t have good quality, but I like the warm colours and the shape of the clouds.

Big Monster

I wonder why the sun likes hiding behind the clouds…

Who do you think is the big monster?


After a long time, I come back to post some other photos for you. I want to apologise for my absence, but now I’m back!!

This particular photos are some of my first photo session, and in this case you can notice how does the sky changes while you are watching it.



After the end of classes, after Christmas and after my birthday. I’ve come back to post some photos for you.

This time the photos are taken from a car, so in the second one you can see the effect of the speed in the picture.

I also wish you a Mary Christmas and a happy new year!!


When the sun falls down

As many of you may know, the sunset is something that I really love. The combination between orange, violet, light blue, brown, and white it’s very amazing to me.

These are three good examples of it:


Previously… on Lost…

This mean that I’m a fan of Lost! xD So here are two of the photos I’ve taken on my trip to Merlo, San Luis, Argentina. As you see this is not the Lost island, but it seems 🙂

The landscape in Merlo is really good, so in the future I’ll post more photos from Merlo!

Blue Sky

This was the sun yesterday:

Stylus 710: 14mm, f/13, 1/500s, ISO 64

The blue sky brings peace to my soul…

Just Leaves

This is the reality seen by an ant…

I think it’s important to see things in different perspectives.

There’s a hole in my soul

I really love odd photos, whit strange shapes and rare things.

I don’t know if this photo is very strange, but when I see it I can’t understand what is happening.

What do you think?