This is my photography blog, I hope you enjoy it


Dead Flowers

Entrance from a place where you don’t wanna be…

70mm, f/4.5, 1/50s, ISO 1100


Pure Volume!

The power of music…

Urban Chaos

After so much sunsets comes the sunrise

What u c s what u get!

I love the nature, don’t you?

Psychedelic Love

This is the shape of my heart.

Stylus 710: 6mm, f/3.4, 4s, ISO 100


I have no words to express what I feel about this photo.

It’s just him…

Old photo…

This is an old picture, and it’s the first photo I uploaded to Flickr on August 7th 2007.
It doesn’t have good quality, but I like the warm colours and the shape of the clouds.

Like Palm Trees

Hello everybody! Today I’ll show the pictures I’ve taken on Monday night. I really like the shapes of the fireworks, they are like palm trees… So here are some of them:


When the sun falls down

As many of you may know, the sunset is something that I really love. The combination between orange, violet, light blue, brown, and white it’s very amazing to me.

These are three good examples of it:


Just Leaves

This is the reality seen by an ant…

I think it’s important to see things in different perspectives.