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Dead Flowers

Entrance from a place where you don’t wanna be…

70mm, f/4.5, 1/50s, ISO 1100

Pure Volume!

The power of music…

What u c s what u get!

I love the nature, don’t you?

Red hair…

Hello everyone! This is a texture from the hair of a friend:

The red is a very nice colour :D, don’t you think?

Psychedelic Love

This is the shape of my heart.

Stylus 710: 6mm, f/3.4, 4s, ISO 100

Dark Sunset

Some days ago while I was testing picnic again, I decided to retouch a photo of a sunset, and this is the result:


Laser Test

There are some kind of light that the human eye can’t see, or it’s very difficult to do it. Like the Infrared (IR) or the Ultraviolet (UV). Of course is not the case here, because this is a laser light, and actually you can see it (but with some difficult, and very different from what the photos below show).

These photos were taken to an Logitech RX 1000 laser mouse.



Hello everyone! Today I want to show a photo edited with “picnik” (the photo editor of Flickr). I think this tool is really good, and you can make really good changes to your photos, though I rarely edit a photo after taking it, it’s a good option if you want an alternative of Photoshop, just to make the picture look more accurate, or simple better than it is.

Here is an example, I know it doesn’t have much quality, but it’s ok for the example:



I have no words to express what I feel about this photo.

It’s just him…

Old photo…

This is an old picture, and it’s the first photo I uploaded to Flickr on August 7th 2007.
It doesn’t have good quality, but I like the warm colours and the shape of the clouds.